They’ve arrived together in one car! :)

They’ve arrived together in one car! :)

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I know this gif set is kinda shitty 

There’s the Aquapark here; I think (Rosberg and Hamilton) could have a nice Saturday afternoon and still win the race on Sunday.

—Sebastian Vettel


ANOTHER ONE! God, I hope they do one for every GP from now on because they are so fucking precious.

Sometimes a change can work miracles. When I moved from Toro Rosso to Red Bull it caused miracles! Four to be precise…

—Sebastian Vettel (via fuckyeahf1)

Maybe I don’t have to give back the championship trophy - mathematically - even if it doesn’t look so likely that I’m keeping it. Maybe I’ll tell the FIA I’ve lost it or it was stolen: “I’m so sorry…” (laughs)

—Sebastian Vettel (via fans-of-sebastian-vettel)