Let’s put text on it 2/?

2013 Australian Grand Prix


Germany 1973


Germany 1973

Niki Lauda asking an important question

We 100% have the best driver pairing in F1. VET & RIC combine intelligence and speed better than all the others.

—Christian Horner - via sebvettelnews (via teamsimi)

  • Interviewer: Are you single?
  • Ricciardo: No, no I'm not. ...I wanted to go into it slowly because I know there are probably a lot of hearts being broken right now (when asked why he answered the question so slowly).


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I would like my engineers to drop by the Mercedes factory and find out the secret of how to get more power from the engine!

Sebastian Vettel’s cheeky idea on how he would like his Red Bull engineers to spend their break (via fans-of-sebastian-vettel)